FilmDemic Kicks Off its Search for Indie Films by Launching a Movie Trailer Competition

The FilmDemic Movie Trailer contest is the first in a series of competitions allowing filmmakers a place to show off their work and an opportunity to find quality projects for wide distribution, including theatrical release throughout the U.S.

2/15/11 5:54 PM CET

"You've heard the riddle: 'If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?' For most indie films, even the great ones, distribution without successful marketing is like a tree falling and no one around to hear it," says Tina Lewis, the organizer of the competition. Lewis commented, "This contest is a chance for FIlmDemic to get a taste of the great titles seeking an audience and for filmmakers to show off their work and get the word out about their film... it's a win-win scenario."

"Getting your film noticed takes more than just a great story... it takes marketing, advertising and PR to attract an audience. FilmDemic fills the void for select independent titles by leveraging the power of effective advertising, marketing and social awareness--the difference between success and failure. We are able to provide out-of-the-box marketing and advertising strategy, financial and creative support required to gain critical mass," states Vaughn Juares, founder of FIlmDemic and former advertising executive. Jaures adds, "We want to find filmmakers who understand how to market and advertise their projects... we partner with filmmakers, not take their film and toss it in to the black hole of distribution with no marketing support."

FilmDemic, in its search for quality film titles, has also partnered with, an Amazon Company, by launching the FilmDemic Screening Series. Winners of the FilmDemic Movie Trailer Contest will be offered the opportunity to screen at one of the FilmDemic Screening Series events in Los Angeles. Jaures says, "The Screening Series represents an opportunity for the winners of the FilmDemic Movie Trailer Contest to have their trailers screen in front of an audience for the purpose of gaining some insight through exposure to an actual movie theater experience."For a list of complete deails, prizes and contest rules visit:

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