Eve Brandstein's Poetry in Motion Presents Claiming Ginsberg: An Evening with Ginsberg and Friends

Eve Brandstein's Poetry in Motion, in concert with Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center will present "Claiming Ginsberg” - an evening of poetry, music and media celebrating Allen Ginsberg. Tickets at www.evebrandsteinpoetryinmotion.com.

4/2/13 6:00 PM CET

Eve Brandstein's Poetry in Motion, in concert with Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center will present "Claiming Ginsberg" - an evening of poetry, music and media celebrating Allen Ginsberg.

Poets will read works by and about Ginsberg. Performers will share stories, perform original work and read Allen’s works. Full details appear at http://poetryinmotion-april.eventbrite.com/.

Scheduled to Appear:

Ronee Blakley
Rick Overton
Marc Olmsted
Richard Modiano
Bob Branaman
Anne Beatts
David Zasloff
Eric Trules
Rex Weiner
Lisa Thayer
Doug Knott
Elkanah Burns
Kimberly King Burns
and Surprise Guests

Eve Brandstein's Poetry in Motion has a 30-year history of bringing leading actors, writers and poets together to create exceptional spoken word events.

April 6, 2013 8pm at Beyond Baroque, Eve will present "Claiming Ginsberg: An Evening with Allen Ginsberg and Friends". 

Refreshments will be available after the event and attendees will have an opportunity to meet the artists and buy books in the Beyond Baroque bookstore which is filled with thousands of rare volumes written by leading local writers. 

Tickets are $15 online or $20 at the door. Purchasing a ticket before the event guarantees you get one of the best seats in the house at an event, which is likely to be standing room only.

Buy your tickets here:

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Speaker biographies…

Anne Beatts is a TV writer-producer who won two Emmys and four WGA Awards as a writer for "Saturday Night Live."  Her other credits include "Square Pegs,"  "A Different World," and "The Stephanie Miller Show."  

She was the first woman Contributing Editor of the National Lampoon and both performed and wrote for the "National Lampoon Radio Hour."  She co-edited the best-selling "Saturday Night Live," "Titters: The First Collection of Humor by Women," and "Titters 101," and co-authored "The Mom Book." She has written for Esquire, Playboy, Los Angeles Magazine, Vogue, Elle, and Salon.com, and contributed a weekly humor column to the Los Angeles Times. Her work has appeared on Broadway in "Gilda: Live" and the Tony-nominated "Leader of the Pack."   She also teaches film and TV writing at Chapman University.  She is currently working with Judy Belushi and Dan Aykroyd on a TV reboot of "The Blues Brothers" which was just optioned by Reunion Pictures.  She has known and worked with Eve Brandstein for over 30 years.   

Ronee Blakely is an accomplished singer, songwriter, composer, produce, director, writer and actress.  Her most famous role as the fictional country superstar Barbara Jean in Robert Altman's 1975 film Nashville, for which she won a National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress and was nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe and Grammy.  As a musical artist she has seven albums,  She produced, wrote, starred in, and directed her own feature music docudrama titled "I Played It for You" which debuted at the Venice Film Festival and has appeared at ten festivals worldwide.  She performed a duet with Dylan on the epic "Hurricane" from his Desire album and toured with him on the Rolling Thunder Review,  On that tour they shot Dylan's film "Renaldo and Clara", in which she played Mrs. Dylan and performed her song "New Sun". She also recorded with Leonard Cohen on "Death of a Ladies Man", Hoyt Axton, John Wesley Harding, and America.  

A Kansas native, Bob Branaman was an integral part of the Wichita Vortex, a group of the beat generation that involved Bruce Conner, Charles Plymell, RoxiPowell, Michael McClure and Dave Haselwood.  In Charles Plymell’s  Apocalypse Rose introduction Allen Ginsberg said, "Bob Branaman Matures in Big Sur one of the most exquisite visionary painter in America." His work includes poetry, paintings, films, books, and prints.  
Bob lives and works in Santa Monica continues to make art and is currently the Artist in Residents at the Venice Literary Art Center Beyond Baroque. He showed at the legendary Batman Gallery in San Francisco, was part of Michael McClure’s play, The Feast! and his paintings were featured in Oliver Stone’s film The Doors.  Bob's films include Ginsberg (1966) and Goldmouth (1965) starring Lawrence Ferlinghetti. "Bob Branaman is a magical elder youth", Allen Ginsberg.

Elkanah Burns, husband, attorney, actor, writer, Marine

Kimberly King Burns is a Bahamian expat writer, actor, painter, photographer and essayist intent on distilling digital media companies, alternative energy resources and citrus-based moonshine for consumption around the world.

S.A. Griffin is a Carmabum and co-editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. Progenitor of the Poetry Bomb, a former Vietnam era practice bomb converted into an art object and filled with poetry from around the world, touring the U.S. April through June of 2010 spreading messages of civil disagreement. Notable films and guest star appearances include Pale Rider, Twins, Let It Ride, Dexter, Designing Women and Alien Nation. Widely published, recent titles include Numbskull Sutra and They Swear We Don't Exist.

Doug Knott has been writing and performing poetry in Southern California for 30 years. He is the author of one collection, Small Dogs Bark Cartoons, various chapbooks, and is included in the Outlaw Poetry Bible.  He has performed his poetry in hundreds of different venues on the West Coast, was a member of the poetry-performance troupe the Carma Bums.  Presently he has a show, "Last of the Knotts," at the Santa Monica Playhouse and is the current president of the board of Beyond Baroque Foundation.  He was a personal acquaintance and is an eternal fan of Allen Ginsberg.

Richard Modiano, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, an 18 year resident NYC, met Allen Ginsberg April 1975 at Columbia University and had a final conversation with him in October 1996 in San Francisco. A companion of Dakini X and director of Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center.

Allen Ginsberg said "Marc Olmsted inherited Burroughs' scientific nerve & Kerouac's movie-minded line nailed down with gold eyebeam in San Francisco."  Olmsted teaches the on-line course "WRITING KEROUAC/SITTING BUDDHA: Spontaneous Poetics & Big Mind" at Writers.com.  His book, WHAT USE AM I A HUNGRY GHOST? - POEMS FROM 3-YEAR RETREAT (VCP Press, 2001), has an introduction by Ginsberg.  For more of his work, see http://www.marcolmsted.com

Self-noted Imperfectionist Rick Overton has been doing comedy ever since the Principal's office, when online meant he was standing on an actual line. Rick's socially minded comedy has rocked the boat so often that he's a much better swimmer now. Won an Emmy for writing on DENNIS MILLER LIVE on HBO in 1996. He's been working in film and TV for over thirty years. IMDB and YouTube are jammed with Rick's as well as @RickOverton on Twitter and Facebook. 

Lisa Thayer was born in Fargo, yes... that Fargo.Award winning stage actress, singer/songwriter/poet/photographerCreator of The Poetry Juice Bar websiteRecently published book "Whores Don't Kiss"Reads all over Los Angeles.

Eric Trules is an Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award winner and has been a professional modern dancer, filmmaker, screenwriter, director, producer, solo performance  artist, and clown. He is a currently an Associate Professor of Practice at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts and a Fulbright Senior Specialist in American Studies. Trules has, rarely, not taken any road in front of him, although most have been those less traveled. 

Jim Walsh grew up in a home that put the "fun" in dysfunctional. While preparing himself for a life of crime and debauchery, his High School English teachers did an intervention by introducing him to poetry. That changed everything...well almost everything. Jim's earliest ambition was to live in Greenwich Village, drink beer and get laid. While on that quest, he discovered Literature, Jazz, Theater and the "Beat" poets. Jim's only real talent seems to be finding himself in the right place at the right time.

Rex Weiner, Co-founder and publisher of the pioneering New York Ace newspaper (1972–73) and, according to his FBI file, a founding staffer of High Times magazine, Weiner began his writing career at the East Village Other, living on the Lower East Side, not far from Ginsberg’s pad. His articles have appeared in Vanity Fair, Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, The New Yorker, New York Observer and The Paris Review. His produced screenwriting credits include The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, based on his original stories and directed by Renny Harlin for 20th Century Fox. He was one of the first writers brought on board to launch the TV series Miami Vice. A veteran of the Poetry In Motion lineup since 1988, he is currently Hollywood correspondent for Rolling Stone Italia as well as West Coast Correspondent for the Jewish Daily Forward.

David Zasloff is a comedian/multi-instrumentalist jazz vocalist and has performed in a wide variety of venues throughout the United States including prisons, AA & NA comedy conventions, nightclubs, universities, theaters, retirement homes, corporate events, weddings, funerals, birthday parties, affairs of state, temples, spiritual living centers, churches, poetry readings and one briss. David has recorded a comedy CD entitled "Honey Take Me Home" and has written a   book called "The Complete Book Of Everything, Part I" which is a compilation of his comic monologues. He also wrote his autobiography called, "The Joy of Suffering"Please insert your content here *

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