A seminal book on European Education by distinguished contributors aimed at counteracting the decline of language education in the UK, as well as providing a new pedagogical framework.

2/7/12 9:28 AM CET

A new book “Schools for the Future of Europe” will be launched at a seminar in Oxford, on March 8th exploring the emergence and application of European education through a series of high profile contributions from top level writers including the distinguished Prof. Frank Furedi and Prof. Hugh Starkey.   

The volume reviews what Churchill called “Europeanism” for schools, together with all the various initiatives that have been set up to counteract monolingual restrictions.  This is a topic of particular importance in the UK, given that language education continues to fail.

Edited by two Trustees of the English Trust for European Education, Lynn Erler and John Sayer, both Research Fellows at the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education, the book provides a starting point for discussion not just on this issue but on the future of education and will be of interest to teachers across the board.

According to Baroness Quin, former Minister for Europe, the book is “A thorough and detailed review of European educational initiatives together with interesting insights from a variety of contributors ... with emphasis on the economic and cultural benefits  - both for individuals and for countries - of learning foreign languages...”-- 

For additional information or an invitation to the event on March 8th in Oxford, or March 12th in London, please contact ETEE

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