New Android video game console to be presented on 12/12/12

Innovative game console with unique touchpad game controller seeks to become an important player in the gaming business.

12/11/12 2:59 PM CET

Seattle based start-up eSfere Entertainment have designed a unique video game console that will allow people to play their favorite Android games at high quality from the very first minute. 

eSfere will have strong technical specifications and a wireless touchpad controller which means that games can be played immediately, once downloaded from Google Play, on the user's TV.

Developers will not need to worry about re-adapting their games specifically for this machine, since it will keep the touch controls inherent to mobile gaming, but the action will jump from 4", 7" or 10" devices to large screen displays.

More details about this new product and the crowdfunding campaign behind it will become available on Wednesday December 12th on

About eSfere Entertainment

We are a start-up technology company, comprised of a group of professionals with ample experience in the video game and app development business. Our goal is to develop the most complete Android video game TV console.


Contact: Joaquin Soler (Co-Founder)

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