EAA’s 2012 International Art Contest ‘One Small Change’

EAA is hosting its 11th International Art Contest - One Small Change. The registration opens from April 2~May 2, 2012.

3/15/12 9:06 PM CET

To commemorate the 'World Environment Day 2012', the EAA is hosting "The 11th annual International Art Contest - One Small Change."

Since 2002, EAA has been hosting an international art contest with topics that echoes the importance of inseparable co-existence of the environment and mankind.

This contest has grown to be a marketable international event with participation reaching all-time highs. In 2010, we have received nearly 20,000 artworks from worldwide.

This year's theme is "One Small Change." All artworks should portray how our one small action in day-to-day life can bring about a great change for our environment.The contest is open to anyone who wishes to participate with no registration fee.

- Eligibility: 1st~12th Grade, College Students & the general public 

- Registration: April 2~May 2, 2012 

- Submission Category: Arts [Poster, Painting], Media [Photograph]

- Award Ceremony: June 5, 2012 in New York (TBA)

- Sponsors:
350.org, tcktcktck, CDM Watch, Earth Action, Earth Day NetworkNo Impact Project, Clean Air Initiative, Keep America Beautiful,Freshwater Action Network, GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council),USCAN (US Cimate Action Network), NYRP (New York Restoration Project)

- Media Sponsor: hey(!)korean

*Submission Details:
Poster/PaintingSize 11×17", 1 per person1st~ 12th grade, College Students & the general public

PhotographSize 11×14", 2 per personHigh School, college students & the general public

Grand 1 $ 2,000

Gold        3 $ 500 ($1,500)
Silver      6 $ 300 ($1,800)
Bronze   13 $ 200 ($2,600)
Platinum 39 $ 100 ($3,900)
Honors   60 $ 10 ($600)
Total    122 $ 13,400

For more information and application, please visit our website www.environmentaa.org

Miscellaneous information;
1. All are subject to be officially registered as members of EAA Inc upon
    the submission of artwork.
2. Copyrights of all submitted artworks will be surrendered to us, and
    may well be used in our publications both on and off-line.
3. The artworks must be new creation with no history of past
    submission to any other contest, and should not be submitted to
   other contests simultaneously.
4. Submitted artworks cannot be retrieved.
5. EAA is not responsible for any tax payment involving with a possible
6. The prize will not be given to those who don't attend the award
    ceremony. However, a family member can receive it on behalf. (ID

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