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London/New York, NY USA - News of the African First Ladies Forum at United Nations COP17 Conference managed to bring down the website at for almost four hours this Thanksgiving morning November 24, 2011

11/25/11 10:21 AM CET

LONDON, UK/NEW YORK, NY USA - News of the African First Ladies Forum at United Nations COP17 Conference managed to bring down the website at for almost four hours this Thanksgiving morning Thursday November 24, 2011. The website was brought down due the help from various celebrities Black Hollywood, not Black Friday through the power of Social Media Networks like Twitter, Facebook and its celebrity users like Shaquile O'Neil, Jada Pinket Smith, Will Smith, Beyonce and more.


The official Apology was released this morning:

"Dear UN Delegates and Supporters,

I apologize if you may have experienced problems getting onto web site earlier.

Due to high web traffic from news release and blog postings yesterday the website server in Nigeria had overloaded and I had to move the website to a stronger web host in the US that could support the web traffic. The sponsorship details are attached to this email and you may contact me at info at or by phone +1 512-650-1028 if you have any further questions about sponsoring next week's event.


Dr. Animu Zakarim Executive DIrector and Cary Lee Peterson, Managing Director-
Center for Climate Change & Environmental Studies
An Official Observer Organization for United Nations (UNFCCC)"

The African First Ladies Forum for Climate Change at COP17 is an official UNFCCC side event supporting climate change, in pursuit to spread awareness for mobilizing African women on sustainability, global warming, adaptation, and mitigation. Dr. Aminu Zakari, Executive Director for Center for Climate Change comments, “I am very excited about our event that will allow world leaders and other delegates to speak and become aware of the importance for sustainable projects that provide aid women within African communities”. The event will include keynote speeches from various world leaders, federal and observer diplomats, in addition to special guest appearances who will be announced over the next few weeks prior to the UNFCCC COP17 Conference beginning on Monday, November 27, 2011. Center for Climate Change and COP17 have received support from world renown figures such as former United States Vice President Al Gore, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nigeria First Lady Dame Patience Goodluck-Jonathan, and former South Africa First Lady Graça Machel Mandela. “I expect that the forum will deliver positive results that will broaden the awareness and necessity to fund and implement projects that enhance Africa’s environment and economies”, says Cary Lee Peterson, Managing Director for Center for Climate Change and Founder-Chairman for ECCO2 Corp.

Contact Details:
+234 803 8213028 (Nigeria)
Phone 2:
+1 805 4265446 (USA)

About ECCO2

ECCO2 (acronym for Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide) is a corporate interface for universal clean technologies that are sustainable, reduce carbon emissions, and energy efficient.

ECCO2 solutions consist of multiple partnerships with active companies that manufacture late stage technology grids that have displayed several years of proven results in the marketplace from both business and government agencies. The company has partnered with major job recruiters such as Manpower Corp (NYSE: MAN) in anticipation to create thousands of new jobs opportunities; something that is currently much needed in the US and many other parts of the world.

ECCO2 brand is associated to for-profit entity, DBS Distributors, Inc. and non-profit sister companies, ECCO2 Corp and Center for Climate Change and Environmental Studies, that are also observer organizations for United Nations.

You can find more details about ECCO2 at .

Sylvia Johnson, Public Relations
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: +1 (512) 650-1028




Contact: Sylvia Johnson (Public Relations)

Phone number +1 5126501028

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