When Height Safety Is a Concern, Correct Safety Pledges To Be There

Correct Safety, an Australian company that offers building and workplace height safety assessments is hoping to reduce workplace accidents in the coming year. The company offers a wide range of products and services, all dedicated to height safety.

3/16/12 12:07 AM CET

Many industrial, commercial, public and institutional projects face height safety concerns on a daily basis. Correct Safety hopes to reduce height safety accidents in the coming year. Combining years of experience and extensive knowledge of industrial, public and institutional projects, the company offers modular and cost-effective protection solutions that meet all height safety requirements.

These height safety solutions are intended to provide fall protection and roof access systems so as to allow workers safe access at any height and prevent serious injury or death.

Correct Safety is reaching out to builders, developers, designers, property owners, end users and installers in order to prevent accidents before they have a chance to occur. With a team of consultants that are trained and knowledgeable in all OHS risks for employees facing height safety concerns, Correct Safety will tailor a compliant solution for any company or industry. These solutions are intended for small and large scale projects across multiple industries and the height safety solutions are always improving.

One of the most popular height safety solutions offered by Correct Safety is the OH250 Aluminium Overhead Rail Fall Arrest System. This revolutionary overhead rail provides a fall arrest system that can be used for multiple workers working at heights over machinery and equipment. The system provides continuous and effective fall protection and is ideal for general maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Harness anchor points are another best-seller, according to the height safety company. The system is laid out in compliance with AS/NZS1891.4:2009, and ideal for simple, safe maintenance access to roofs, gutters, mechanical equipment and solar panels. There are also several fixing options to choose from in roof anchors, including purlin mount anchor points, concrete mount anchor points, and surface mount anchor points, which are Correct Safety's market leader.

Horizontal static lines are cable based fall arrest systems, and are designed to provide unrestricted movement to workers while those workers remain continually attached. Easy and practical, these static line fall arrest systems can be used for up to four users.

In addition to a number of products, Correct Safety also provides a number of height safety services. These include building and workplace height safety assessments, system design and cost analysis, supply installation and certification, corporate height safety upgrade programs, system user induction, technical support and periodic system recertification. The company is also known for being able to assist with project management solutions that are designed to upgrade roof access systems for multiple buildings.

These are just a few of the height safety systems offered by Correct Safety. The company is still trying to reach out to many heads of industry with the hopes of introducing their services. The hope is to prevent injury or death that can come at any time to any project with height safety issues.

To learn more about Correct Safety and the company's full line of height safety products and services, visit: www.correctsafety.com.au

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