This Is True: Rockwool Results in Healthier Plant

Plants needs different kinds of elements which results in plant to stay green and healthier.

2/27/12 1:34 PM CET

Plants needs different kinds of elements which results in plant to stay green and healthier. These elements are lights, water, air and other nutrients which have to be delivered to the plant in a balanced way because extra input of these minerals will be harmful for the plant.

If we say Hydroponics then we do not need soil to grow plants. Even if hydroponic do not take soil but still there are other growing mediums like mentioned above. The media that work best is Rockwool is manufactured with ingredients like rock which is melted and spun into fibrous cubes. Rockwool provides roots with a good balance of water/oxygen. Rockwool can be used with continuous drip or flood and drain systems. It is only used once and one should not sterilize and reuse Rockwool.

Rockwool is available in different form of shapes and packages. It is not the only growing medium there are several others available in the market but currently we are talking about the top names and in growing mediums Rockwool has reserved its place in the top. If you love your plants and want them to be rise and shine then Rockwool is for you.

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