Click Collection multi-charity collection scheme jumps into action

Click Collection, the new secure way to donate clothes to a charity of your choice, will launch in a few weeks. But already it has helped its first clothes donor. Her clothes will be available to buy nationwide in their online multi-charity shop.

3/2/12 6:22 PM CET

Many people have had bad experiences of charity clothes collections. Theft and fraud undermine confidence. So the new secure, multi-charity scheme called Click Collection has been widelywelcomed by charities and supporters. Users will see exactly how much their clothes have raised, and they can pick the charity to benefit, rather than using a bag pushed through the letterbox.


Click Collection will not officially launch for a week or two, but it has already helped its first customers. Anna, a 33 year-old mother of one from Hertfordshire, was disappointed when a charity failed to collect her bags of clothes. She was moving house the next day so it looked like her clothes were heading for the dump. But then she found through the Internet.


Click Collection made a special pick-up within hours of hearing about Anna's plight. "It's disappointing when someone makes an effort for charity but they are let down. Charities need people like Anna, so we jumped into action. Our aim is to make it easy for everyone to support a charity they choose with clothes recycling" said David Alder, Operations Director at Click Collection.


Anna had problems in the past too. "Anna said she previously put out 20 bags for a cancer charity, but they were all stolen. She said that the secure Click Collection home pick-up is the answer. And she likes her clothes being available online in our multi-charity shop for anyone in the country to buy, instead of going to a small local charity shop. Anna promised to use Click Collection again and to recommend it to all her friends", Alder added.


Click Collection is open to all UK charities, enabling them to benefit from the sale of donated goods even if they do not have retail charity shops.

About Click Collection Limited

Click Collection is all about maximising charity income from collecting, recycling and the online retailing of quality clothing. Goods are sold to benefit the UK charity selected by the donor. Click Collection aims to make it easier for people to do the right thing. Click Collection is dedicated to recycling clothes in a transparent, ethical, secure and environmentally responsible way. The company operates a zero landfill policy.

Click Collection is privately owned business (Company Number 7765130). Its Directors have many years of experience in running charity recycling schemes and in Internet commerce.


Contact: David Alder (Operations Director)

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