Calltracks Call Tracking Software Allows Business to Track Calls from first ring to Completed Sale

Leading phone call tracking software company,, has launched a product which assists business to track phone calls from first click to the completed sale.

3/16/12 11:58 AM CET

Northampton, United Kingdom: Businesses that rely on phone calls for revenue should be monitoring call data at least that is the view of Calltracks Limited CEO, Stuart Buckley.  Often a customer could be on the other end of the line with a credit card in their hand waiting to purchase.  As Stuart Buckley of points out, the key ingredient of good call tracking software, is its ability to track a lead from start to the finish.

“Business has to know that if it’s tracking a keyword, a PPC ad, or a phone call which ad generated the initial click or call.”  He said.  “This is crucial information for the entire business but especially marketers who can use the information to see which ads are working and which ads are failing.”

The concept of call tracking and discovering which ads are working and which are not is not new, but the technology has been developed to the nth degree online.  Despite the obvious advantage’s product is the only one to determine which calls and keywords led to a sale and which didn’t largely thanks to its comprehensive reporting system.

“We spent a long time perfecting the interface to make it simple and easy to use,” continued Stuart.  “Business has to be able to see this information quickly and we recognised that.  We also saw the potential to train staff and measure performance of a business, both in terms of the individual telephone operatives and on a departmental level.  All of this is built into our call tracking product.

“Feedback has been incredible on our products.  Many businesses are amazed they can pin – point where the first point of contact with their customers came from, and at whether or not this led to a completed sale.   Marketers have told us they have made significant savings on not spending money on ads which simply don’t lead to a sale.  They also impressed at how accurately they can trace where a customer is lost.”’s phone call tracking product is available now.  To learn how business have benefited from it in greater detail, visit




About Calltracks Limited

Since 2004 Calltracks Limited has pioneered the call tracking industry. The software is continuously updated and the company offers a comprehensive and rapid after sales services, assisting with custom reports and other issues.

In addition to visitor level and keyword call tracking, the software range includes prospecting, sales lead tracking, and call recording.

Calltracks Limited call tracking software has been adopted by a wide range of industries including SEO firms, marketing agencies, the motor industry, the travel industry, and the sports industry.



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