Florida Author Releases New Book That Asks The Questions, Is Your God Real?

Author, William Kringel is pleased to announce the release of his new book, “Is Your God Real?”

3/1/12 10:50 PM CET

Florida Author Releases New Book That Asks The Questions, Is Your God Real?


Author, William Kringel is pleased to announce the release of his new book, “Is Your God Real?”


Kringel’s new work asks the questions, “Does the God you believe in live far away? Is He impossible to understand, or is He everywhere and in everything? Are you clear about what He expects of you, or do you feel He wants you to figure it out for yourself like some gigantic guessing game with terrible consequences if you guess wrong? Does the God you believe in really like you, or is He sort of mad at you most of the time? Is He watching to see if He can catch you doing something wrong so He can punish you, or is He more like a loving grandfather that you can con into letting you get by with whatever you want to do?”


All of these questions and hundreds more begin bubbling up within whenever people begin to think seriously about God. The possibilities are so endless that many people find it easier to ignore the questions than to make a serious attempt to address them.


But, if they choose to avoid facing their questions, they are left with the uncomfortable knowledge that they are still incomplete, that they are unsure as to their purpose for being and they miss the opportunity to know the real God, the one who loves them far beyond their ability to imagine, the one who is cheering them on to succeed and not fail. While many people see the subject of God as confusing and mysterious, the real God has actually gone to great lengths to make Himself plain and easily understood. As readers continue through the pages of, “Is Your God Real?” Kringel believes they will not only find the answers to all of these questions about God and many others, but they will actually get to know God Himself.


“Is Your God Real?” is receiving rave reviews on Amazon.com and other online retailers.


Book Information:

Is Your God Real?

Author: William Kringel

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-61346-359-8

Pages: 157

Published: November 2011


About The Author

William Kringel is a retired Christian businessman who uses examples and observations from his forty-plus years of experience to explain to the reader how to have a real relationship with the real God.


For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at:


William Kringel

Website: http://www.isyourgodreal.tateauthor.com

To schedule a book signing event contact James Branscum, Marketing Representative, 

at (888) 361-9473.


Is Your God Real? is available for purchase online through the author's website, from the publisher, Amazon.com, BN.com and other online retailers. Bookstores should contact Ingram for wholesale orders.

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