Benefit Professor and Lasting Change Announce Joint Venture

2012 marks another milestone for Benefit Professor, led by Founder & CEO Nathan Washington. Benefit Professor and Utah based, Lasting Change, have verbally agreed to a joint venture catapulting both companies into the health & wellness spotlight.

6/6/12 3:01 PM CET

In May of 2012, Washington and Lasting Change Founder, Valerie Jensen, began talks of the opportunity.  In June they verbally agreed and will begin a joint sales venture as early as June 2012.  Benefit Professor provides education in the employee benefits and health & wellness sectors, making the venture with Last Change, a health screening company, a great fit.  The idea is to provide a full educational scope of services for a company looking for employee benefits education and a corporate health & wellness program.  Although there are many companies that advertise a similar program, Benefit Professor's characters, Phil and Nurse Mia, steal the show.  Packed with amazing graphics and animation, along with incredibly accurate education, this company is the up and coming provider for true professional education. 

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