Author Jo Ann Snapp Releases Her Fourth Book

Jo Ann Snapp released her fourth book in the Norma Jean’s Mysteries Series Body in the Big Box. This book, along with many other books by Jo Ann Snapp is available at\

3/21/12 11:37 AM CET

This time Norma Jean goes on an innocent search to find a bass fiddle for joining a church group to play on the court square and along with the bass fiddle she finds a body in the big box. 

It seems pretty straight forward. The skeleton has a wallet, identification and the only thing missing is how he got into the box. Or is it that straight forward?

Norma’s adopted brother, Jason Brahms, traveled to Virginia with pathologist, Derrick Lake, to reunite the families from the body in the barn case and Jason found a new bride. Norma’s missing him and not sure if Jason’s departure is permanent or if he and his bride will return to the farm. 

Regardless, Norma Jean’s curiosity is piqued with the new body she’s found. She still has Truman, Aunt Ida, Pauly, Margaret and of course the sheriff and others in town to help pursue any investigation that might be needed. 

Derrick Lake enters Norma Jean’s life again in a way she had not intended. 

Body in the Big Box is the fourth in the Norma Jean’s Mysteries series. 

Available at\


About Author Jo Ann Snapp

Jo Ann Snapp is an Arkansas author of fiction. She has been writing books since she was around nine years old. After a long career in retail and logistics she has taken up the mantle to get some of her work out to readers.
Whether historical, contemporary, mysteries or romances all her writing is from a Christian perspective so you can be assured a clean read even if the subject matter is controversial. Some of her work is inspirational; some of her work is just plain good storytelling. No matter the genre, to Jo a story is a story that needs to be told.
If you'd like to know more about Jo Ann, share her likes and dislikes, hobbies and passions; join her at
"Hope you enjoy my work and come back again and again"
Jo Ann Snapp



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