Finding Web Apps Made Easy: AppAppeal Now Ranks by Popularity!

AppAppeal now ranks web apps by their worldwide popularity.

3/1/12 4:07 PM CET

There is one thing that can be said about popularity: “if many people like it, there must be something to it.” In other words: the opinion of the public decides whether a web app is worth checking out or not. With this in mind, AppAppeal has changed the ranking of apps and web apps are now ranked by their worldwide popularity.

Where you would use to see a random list of apps in a category, AppAppeal offers a worldwide popularity ranking. If you are looking for the perfect Recipe web app, you see the following ranking: 1: Allrecipes, 2:, and 3: Epicurious. This means that Allrecipes is the most visited recipe app in the world.
So, are you sure you are using the best project management or video web app? Look at the Top 10 at AppAppeal to make sure!

AppAppeal uses the data of Alexa for the ranking.


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