New Batch of Driving Lights Arrives At Australia's Own All Tuff Lighting

A new batch of driving lights has arrived at All Tuff Lighting, which is committed to providing Australians with industrial, mining and other lighting needs. The new models include work lights, PVQ 2100 HID compact lamps, PVQ 2100 HALOGEN and more.

3/14/12 8:33 AM CET

Australians looking for driving lights for trucking, mining or agriculture need look no further. An entirely new batch of lights has arrived at All Tuff Lighting. All Tuff Lighting is an Australian based company that provides top range commercial lighting products. The lights offered are designed for the rugged conditions of mining, earth moving, drilling, automotive and agricultural industries. The new batch of driving lights can go on any 4X4 vehicle or specialized machinery.

One of the newest work lights to hit store shelves is the Dual LED Light Bar. This unit will be the newest to the market and Dual LED work light would be the most common to the mining industry. This DURA Vision Dual LED light bar, which also comes in yellow, is designed for on and off road usage and also heavy used in the mining industry. The light produces up to 4320 Lumens and is completely weatherproof.

The PVQ 2100 also hit store shelves. These driving lights are compact and made for 4WD vehicles and the harshest of conditions. They are designed specifically for mining and trucking purposes and provide excellent illumination using HID Xenon Gas Discharge Lighting.

The PVQ 2100 HALOGEN is next in the lineup. The Quattro 2100 Driving Lights are perfect for mining operations where space is limited. The light comes from specially developed 100W Halogen bulbs and come with an adjustable mounting bracket and polycarbonate clear light cover.

The DVD07LEDE has also recently arrived at All Tuff Lighting. This DURA Vision LED Light Bar is designed for on and off road usage and are meant to supplement any current LED driving light setup. Each light bar comes with Hi-Power 3W LEDs and products 4320 Lumens.

Last but not least, the DVD 10WLED promises to be one of All Tuff Lighting's best sellers. These DURA Vision LED light bars are designed for the mining industry and have a life span of up to 50,000 hours. Each of the work light bars come with Hi-Power 10W LEDs and each LED lamp produces up to 900 Lumens. The DVD 10WLED light bar also comes with a 130mm bar that produces 3600 Lumens while only drawing 2.38 amps of 12V power.

All Tuff Lighting states that these are just a few of the recent additions to its Driving Lights line. More additions are set to arrive in the coming month. The company plans to update its website in the next coming months as the new additions arrive. To learn more about All Tuff Lighting and the new line of driving lights for flood light, mining light, search light, transport and other uses, visit the company website at: .

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