Reviews for Care and Feeding of Dragons Say It Works! Helps to Thrive Through Life Twists and Turns.

Care and Feeding of Dragons by Ahnalira Koan inspires new ways of thinking about and integrating life's traumas into opportunities. Reviews prove the value of this new author's insight and skill in engaging readers with her personal story of triumph.

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SANFORD,Fla. – “Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confession of a Diabetic - Beyond Law of Attraction to Align Within”(ISBN 1466323361) by Ahnalira Koan receives the types of reviews that prove a book read-worthy and useful.  Combining the concepts of the "law of attraction" with Jungian psychology and the ancient practice of forgiveness, Ho'oponopono, Koan uses her personal experiences to engage the reader to integrate deeper levels of understanding and success in their personal life journeys.

“When I died,” Ahnalira Koan begins…a head-on automobile accident and a near-death experience that resulted in the onset of type 1 diabetes, her life took a turn she didn’t expect. Amid the struggles to assimilate her health changes, she found herself on a journey of awakening. Transforming her personal tragedy into opportunity, Ahnalira learned how to embrace her fear of the “dragon within” and make it into, not only a friend, but a teacher as well. "All of us are evolving, and the more consciousness we can bring to the process, the more we can expand," explains Koan.  

Author and journalist, Dave Stone, writes in his review:
"The least dramatic and most intellectually appealing topic is about Koan's learning about the more intricate details of the law of attraction. She worked with Jerry and Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks Publications) for years and heard their version many times. Although she respected what they were teaching and their efforts to reach out to the public as teachers, she realized that their version left something important out.  The Hicks' teaching that hopping from happy thought to happy thought would deliver your dreams was too simplistic, a sort of spiritual cotton candy. And, of course, she could see, just as she had with her work as a Jungian therapist, that it wasn't really helping people get all the way to what they wanted.

And just as she did with her professional work, she took what she knew was of value in it and kept looking. Her conclusions about the importance of intention and faith are eye-opening.." (for the complete review, go to:

Jeanine Broderick, president of Happiness First, writes:
"The words in this book are so beautiful. The turn of phrase, the new combinations of words she uses to communicate are pure pleasure to read. I believe this is her first book, but I hope it is far from her last.

Reading it is a joy.  Beyond the beauty of her words is great wisdom. I consider myself an expert on Law of Attraction and I am gaining new insights and additional growth in my own understanding. I often read books in this genre, usually I find new approaches to use with my students to help as many people as I can to a fuller understanding. It is far less frequent that I gain a deeper understanding myself. Her wisdom and perspective are helping me deepen my own understanding."

Dan Speziale writes:  
"The lessons that the author shares can be beneficial to anyone struggling with one or many issues in their own lives. As a diabetic, myself, I found it struck a chord with me. In addition, anyone familiar with The Law of Attraction or The Secret might find worthwhile techniques here. I enjoyed the author's personal stories the most, especially when she wrote about her most recent experiences."

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The Audiobook version, which includes two bonus meditations, adds the additional dimension of listening to Koan's voice as she narrates. 

Jonathan writes on
A calm and soothing voice. Creates a peaceful experience.  The sounds between chapters are subtle but quite beautiful!"

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Koan says, “I want readers to feel inspired and empowered to fully realize their own potential by reading about mine. And I would like them to find tips (bread crumbs, if you will) that make it easier for them to find their path to fulfillment.”

Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confession of a Diabetic - Beyond Law of Attraction to Align Within” is available for sale online at, Barnes & Noble,, iTunes, and on Kindle.  The companion meditation series, Align Within, is available on iTunes and as an App or as a CD on and as an MP3 download through her website,, where a sample audio clip is available.

About the Author

Ahnalira Koan is a Jungian psychotherapist, meditation teacher and writer whose naturally empathic nature is especially tuned to issues of health and solutions aligned in balancing the mind and body. Koan’s varied interests show in her eclectic career, which includes stints as a web and software developer, an artist and a horse chiropractor in addition to more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of human psychology. She also holds certification as a meditation teacher in the “Awakening the LightBody” technique. Koan is the creator of the “Meditations of Awakening” and “Align Within” application series for Apple and Android devices. She resides in central Florida with three horses, three dogs, a cat and her partner in adventure, Alan.



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About Ahnalira's Connected Counsel

Ahnalira is like a tree; she grows deep, deep roots through experience while spreading her perspective high into the light. She reaches for the stars and grounds far into Earth at the same time.

Her path of awakening started early. And she learned through the contrast of trauma how to make everything an opportunity for evolution and awakening. She’s been there and knows the way back. Her naturally psychic nature is especially tuned to issues of health and solutions aligned in balancing the mind and body.

From a Street-kid to a practicing Jungian Psychotherapist to a Meditation Teacher, a Web and App Developer, a Business Consultant, an Artist and Author as well as a Horse Chiropractor, she weaves her Life in an ever-evolving pattern of living and sharing techniques for fulfillment and success. Creativity flows and follows focus. “This,” she says, “Is the magnetic power of the law of attraction.”

“Wisdom comes from listening,” she adds, “Listen. The answer is available as soon as the question is evident.” Knowing how to listen and weave the meaning into inspired action – that is the magic. Ahnalira lives where magic is real.

Always, Ahnalira’s intention as a consultant is to offer solutions that enhance well-being and esteem. You can expect in a consultation with Ahnalira to have any topic you wish to discuss engage her fully; whether you have questions or a dream to interpret or circumstances that feel overwhelming to you. She helps you understand both the meaning of the question or dream or situation and the answers within them in the context of your Life. She offers insight from an intuition that comes from her connection to Source and brings clarity to areas that seem confounding. After a consultation with Ahnalira, you will know yourself better and have a plan for inspired ‘next steps’.

Each consultation with Ahnalira is a process of empowerment that assists you to align into more and more conscious awareness - the process of Awakening

Her 20+ years of experience in the field of human psychology (which includes her educational credentials as a Jungian psychotherapist as well as 15+ years in private practice and 8 years certified as Meditation Teacher by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer in the Awakening the LightBody technique: combined with her many years of study in the Teachings of Abraham (, gives Ahnalira a unique ability to listen with unconditional love and respond with an insight that sparks the Wisdom Within.



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