Adaxa announces the worlds first Open Source ERP & CRM Appliance

AdaxaAppliance, the world’s first turn key Business Management Solution built on best-of-breed Open Source technologies in an easy to use appliance providing the functionality of traditional ERP&CRM systems at a fraction of the cost.

5/29/12 3:00 AM CET

Adaxa announced today its fully functional ERP & CRM in a box. Everything you need to run a small or medium sized business without subscriptions or license fees or need to install complex software – just plug it in and turn it on.

Martin Fuggle, Chairman of Adaxa Pty Ltd says “ We are delighted to introduce the AdaxaAppliance to Australasia.  With the AdaxaAppliance we are changing the economic landscape of ERP and CRM.  With this device you have the full functionality of a commercially robust ERP / CRM  solution in a box, ready to go for under $5000 – the investment is only in set up and training, no license fees or subscriptions or on-going costs. This is a game changer, finally smaller businesses have the access to the same powerful business productivity software that the large corporations have.”

Traditionally the full business productivity suite of an ERP & CRM system has had an entry cost that has excluded the smaller entrepreneurial businesses of Australasia. However the need for this integrated suite of business applications has never been more important than in these times of economic slowdown, when doing more with less and improving productivity, gaining a competitive edge can make all the difference to a business's long term prospects.The AdaxaAppliance comes installed with the core of the well known Adaxa Suite and provides financials, sales, purchasing, inventory, shipping, reporting, CRM, POS, intranet and more with mobile access and high levels of security. Optional Business Intelligence and Telephony integration continue to extend the AdaxaAppliance capabilities and there is more on the roadmap to come.

An appliance is hardware device with pre-integrated, pre-configured software, no complex integration or support, a “turn-key” solution delivered ready to plug in to the network.

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Contact: Steven Sackett (CFO)

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