Now students and parents can have college financial aid planning on demand 24/7, try FAME on iPad!

Financial Aid MaximizEr (FAME) is the first mobile device application which makes college financial aid planning easy and affordable. Parents will know how much financial aid they are qualified before they apply on FAFSA or CSS system.

6/21/12 3:02 PM CET

As a leader in college financial aid consulting, Turbo Tuition, Inc. is successful in helping families of college applicants via face-to-face meetings. Our mission is to help families plan ahead and become college financial aid savvy. Now, we can help more families with an application that can be used bypassing the constraints of distance and time. Financial Aid MaximizEr (FAME) offers you a place to harness the power of advance financial aid planning (both FAFSA and CSS). It is like taking unlimited practice tests before taking the real one! Better yet, taking one step further, FAME provides customized strategies based on your financial situation to maximize your college financial aid. Best of all, you are getting all these customized services at a fraction of what you would pay for a personal consultation! After you are satisfied with your EFA result, let's not stop there. Let's maximize your EFA! You get personalized strategies from our consultants based on your family profile to maximize your EFA. Some of the strategies are used to be only available in pricy face-to-face consultation. FAME is jointly developed by Turbo Tuition, Inc. and Zynsoft, Inc.

About Turbo Tuition, Inc.

As a leading college financial aid planning company, we offer customized strategies so that our clients receive maximized financial aids. We are pleased to take our face-to-face consultations to a mobile platform to help millions of families so they can be financial aid savvy and save money.


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